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When you are viewing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, what do you see and feel? The rising and setting of the sun is very important to me. The sunrise is a symbol of new beginnings--a new, precious set of 1,440 minutes--ripe with opportunities, choices, and attitudes. The sunset is a symbol of closure. It is a time for reflection, surrender, and rest. My goal is to stay positive and affect my personal outcomes in the best possible way. By keeping in mind that there is always a sunrise or sunset going on somewhere in the world, I have a hope that is everlasting. And, I'm reminded that I can always do my best (and my best is good enough). I invite you to join me in this ongoing journey of growth and learning through life. Because of my broad spectrum of life experience, I teach tools that are effective, easy to use, and based in scientific research. And, they are founded in the powerful value of common sense.